Technology illustrating Atomic Theory:


Explore the History of Science using technology
Student directed learning
Google docs to create a common set of notes
Simulations to illustrate and explain atomic models more clearly


Chem 11: E1 Atomic models of Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr
A4: demonstrate scientific literacy
A5: demonstrate ethical, responsible, cooperative behaviour
Group discussion and delegation of duties using the jig saw strategy
Jig saw strategy: students become experts in a small subset and present findings to class
Presentation to explain ideas and reinforce scientific literacy

Project Requirements:

Students research on the background of Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr
Short description of development of model and its influences
Find a simulation describing how the model works relative to light or bonding
Information amalgamated to a single Google document which will become the set of class notes
Presentation of results as well as a simulation

Learning: Mine and Theirs:

Me: Using traditional pedagogy to push thinking deeper.
Jig saw -> much more elaborate
Use of Google Docs lets students create common set of notes -> Ownership
Information can be shared with other groups as they come across it
Students: Utilize different skills and technology to build knowledge
group discussion, research, organization, and presentation skills
View and explain models in the language that other students can understand


Clping.pictClipping= 3 prong strategy:
1) Self assessment of presentation
- Students evaluate how well they presented their information to the class

2) Teacher assesses presentation using a rubric developed with the class earlier in the year

3) Peer evaluation – students evaluate the quality of the notes


All Models PHET:
Teacher Resource:

A yummy science model:

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